Review Policy

For your attention :

  • For review requests, you can reach me on .
  • I will post a review on this blog , Goodreads and Amazon .
  • I will post a review within 3 weeks from receiving the book. ( If there would be a delay , I will inform the concerned POC at the earliest ) .
  • I will post a review even if the book does not figure in my list of good reads of the year . I do not guarantee positive reviews for the ARCs . However , for exceptionally negative reviews , I would not prefer to review it on this blog and the POC will be will be notified of the intention to not review it in this blog 
  •  I will only be reviewing paperbacks/hardbacks as I have not taken too well to e –  readers .
  • I can review books in Tamil also .


  • Crime, thrillers and mystery
  • Literary fiction
  • Contemporary
  • Historical fiction
  • Non fiction
  • Humor
  • Biography
  • Autobiography / Memoir
  • Short story collections