Aadai : Movie review


Movie name : Aadai

Director: Rathna Kumar

Starring : Amala Paul , Ramya Subramanian, Sriranjini, Vivek Prasanna

In a society where a wardrobe malfunction or a slightly too revealing dress of a celebrity makes it to the headlines in the gossip supplementary, the protagonist finds herself stark naked in the abandoned building which used to be her office earlier. She remembers nothing except for the wild night she spent drinking with her friends . The plot follows her efforts at getting a stitch of cloth on her back so that she can return home to her mother with her dignity intact . Meanwhile , there is always the danger of getting caught by a man and being taken advantage of . So , what does Kamini do ? Who is behind Kamini’s ordeal and what does he / she want ?

Kamini is not the name given by her parents . Her parents named her Suthanthirakodi but the girl who talks about feminism , races the bike on the city streets , puts herself forward to accomplish what she has to do , decided that Kamini would be a better name for herself . She has a tendency to commit to daredevil dares often and feels that she must complete a dare at any cost .

Kamini is yet another protagonist in yet another woman centric film ( which has become the dream of several heroines in the industry with decent acting skills ) . I can never understand why directors need to make their ultra – modern heroines with leanings towards skewed feminism , bike-racers and drinkers who are not afraid of spending late-nights with their male friends very often just to make the audience realize that they are watching a “modern” girl . Somehow , our directors can’t come up with something original for their modern girls . I guess that should be the last of my worries about this movie .

The movie got a really good start . I loved the sequence where Kamini races her bike with her boyfriend riding pillion – the background music is the best part of this sequence . There were some snarky references to some political & cultural celebrities which were inserted at the right place –  giving the audience some good laughs . But , if I remember correctly , there have been quite a few ” tea kadaikaran ” references in Tamil cinema in the last few years – so , nothing new there . Still , I saw that it never fails to crack up the audience . Just before the intermission , Kamini is sitting naked in the abandoned building …. So far , it’s been good .

Post intermission , while trying to explore the various threats shadowing the vulnerable Kamini , the director brings in the police into the screenplay when two small-time thieves wander into the building . That’s a big no-no for the director / heroine ,  who wants Kamini to rescue herself ( Why would have Amala Paul got herself into this , when Kamini is going to be rescued by a bunch of policemen ? ) . So , he brings in one of the best  comedy-police in recent years ,  who do more comedy than snooping before getting themselves out of the way . THAT is the sequence which is a laugh riot for every detective fiction fan out there where the logic goes for a complete toss .

Thankfully , there were no more laughable loopholes post the police – encounter but that single sequence took a LOT away from this movie .  The director deftly explores the various aspects of vulnerability – the scene which remains with me is the one where she starts tugging at the T-Shirt of the delivery girl when she drops down in front of her in a pool of blood .

When we get to the identity of the person , it raised some questions regarding the psyche of that person – if he/she was capable of THAT . Lately , I am coming across this element too often . The writer has the perfect crime – quite unimaginable by the ” normal ” standards . The victim and the perpetrator are having the connection . But , is the psyche of the perpetrator right ? Somehow , anybody can transform from Dr.Jekyll to Mr. Hyde based on a single incident and wreck havoc in the lives of other people it seems . Well , this movie is not a psychological thriller . So , expecting the director to be concerned about the psyche of the characters would be expecting too much . But , without a highly justifiable reason from the perpetrator’s side & the right psyche ,  getting a person stark naked seems to be a bit too far-fetched .

Suthanthira kodiya irunthaalum , athoda suthanthiram kodi kambam varaikum thaan

The ” message ” which the movie delivers is a timely one . The spot-light on such an important evil of our society is truly commendable , considering that it is not slimly recognized in today’s culture as something evil . ” Suthanthira kodiya irunthaalum , athoda suthanthiram kodi kambam varaikum thaan ” – one of the best dialogues in recent years . The background score was really good .

Amala Paul ‘s acting – the lady has put up a decent performance but there were a few instances in the first half of the movie where I felt she got the body language completely wrong . Have you seen any of our newsreaders having their shoulders at an angle and reading the news pausing after every word ? ( like somebody who spells the letters mentally to oneself  before reading the word aloud ) Yeah , this is not a performance in the realm of the ones in the recent woman-centric movies where the heroines carried the movie on their shoulders . As a victim , she was brilliant . But , when some bubbliness and enthusiasm is demanded from her , she goes over the top . Still , I am considering the difficulty of essaying such a role in this industry . So , a kudos for her efforts . . .

Concerned because it’s an A-rated movie ? Don’t worry – it is nowhere close to Game of Thrones . You often get blurry images and outlined long shots . The cameras have been perfectly manoeuvred that it wouldn’t offend Indian notions and ideas about onscreen nudity .  So , if you are 18+ and want to go , go by all means . Guys , many of us have been watching GoT for ages . . .

Rating : 3 / 5

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