A few interesting picks of all the “made-up” words

The word QUIZ was coined  by Richard Daley to win a bet .The story goes that he got some kids to write the new word he had made up on the streets of Dublin in the night . The next day , the people of the town were talking about the word that was scribbled all over the town on several walls . When Daley was questioned as to the meaning of the word he had  replied ” a puzzle ” .

Today , making up new words has become a little easier  – a writer just makes up a  new word when he thinks he needs one and some are made up by the netizens  to up their social  media swag -quotient . A good number of words owe their popularity to social media . A few interesting picks from a whole bunch of words that can make up a ” A Dictionary Of Made-up Words ”

I have discovered that a few of my friends have become are actually textroverts. You can actually get them to “talk” only in WhatsApp groups or messaging .They should be the ones who should put  the”Can’t talk WhatsApp only” WhatsApp status .When they WhatsApp/message , you cannot imagine them saying the same things at a lunch table or anywhere when you hang out with friends.
There are a few Cynophiles whose canine love is evident from the number of pics we get to see of their dogs -a few pics look like they are right out of a exclusive photoshoot. Almost every selfie of these cynophiles have their canine friend.When they can sit for photoshoots it’s no wonder they caught up with the selfie fad also.A few of these people do not stop with posting pics of their adorable canine friend but try to help others like their canine friend to find another person like them.THAT is really something which I admire them for.
When there is a word for the dog lovers cat lovers too need one right ? Now , they are Ailurophiles. Not seeing any cat pics in my newsfeed. So,I think I don’t have any ailurophiles among my friends. But I know a lady whose blog-posts about her feline pets almost convinced me that being in the other camp would be easier.If her experiences with cats are things everybody who has/had one can relate to,then I can understand why getting cats to sit for photoshoots or posing for selfies is not easy for you guys.If any ailurophile is reading this,no offence please.You could probably share some pics of you and your feline friend bonding or maybe something adorable your cat does.Or you could easily write about your adorable feline friend and how I have got it completely wrong.

         Petrichorthe pleasant,earthy smell after rain

That’s not often I got to experience everytime it rains in the city.But I remember experiencing it vividly in a small town.Running into the garden to see the plants with the droplets covering every leaf/flower and playing under the trees just to experience something of a shower when somebody shakes one of the branches with the petrichor lingering quite strongly is the memory I have of the rainy days spent.But,that still is one of the best memories I have of my grandparents’ house.

            Vellichorthe strange wistfulness of used bookshops.

If you think I would have experienced it the answer would be a dampener.Despite frequenting some used bookshops for bulk purchases for my bookshelf, the used bookshops don’t have the aura of a place radiating old world charm.Rather,I need to be present in the moment to actually pick some good books before somebody else does.After getting a decent pick,its time to negotiate with the owner of the bookshop about the prices.The other day I picked up all the Chetan Bhagat books except Five Point SomeOne and a few others before going to the nearest used bookshop.I saw atleast 3 copies of One Indian Girl and atleast 1 copy of every book of his.I was just happy to put them there and I couldn’t say the same for the bookshop guy when he got a look at those titles.

             Sonderthe realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as               your own.
The description itself had a deep meaning.So,when I actually googled the usage, I came to know about John Koenig’s ongoing project The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows.I couldn’t agree about the word Sorrows in the title because these are fleeting emotions.We can feel a few of the emotions he has given a word for,but we might not feel them for a noticeable time.It is just like a realization/perception that dawns upon one at a moment or gaining a a deeper insight about life or actually feeling a tinge of regret.The next moment we shake it off and are all set to get going on with the practical life.These words,in John Koenig’s own words “feelings of existentialism“and are meant to “fill a hole in the language“.

Need to share my most favorite memory from my family ‘s road trips here.

During one  road trip , we had several butterflies coming and hitting against the windshield of our car. First there came 2 or 3 and before we could even realize,we found that our car was raking up butterflies .We had not seen a butterfly up close before and such a sight got me and my siblings all excited . Only our parents wanted to make a quick stop somewhere .We would have loved to travel all the way with the butterflies on the windshield . So,we made a stop at the nearest petrol bunk . Only when we saw butterflies with broken wings and few others dying or dead we actually felt sorry that we couldn’t make an earlier stop . A few were able to revive slowly . The memory that stayed with me about the trip was the sight of a whole swarm of butterflies in a variety of hues and patterns on the windshield of the car . Whenever we passed that particular stretch sometimes I remember looking out of the car window expectantly for a butterfly or two (not on the windshield definitely) but no such luck .
Quite recently , we decided to take a road trip after a long time to Kodaikanal. Standing in the midst of all the beauty of nature, I still couldn’t figure how suddenly the memory about those butterflies came about and the thought that came with it was the one that hit me hard – like those butterflies this too will become a memory one day . I was not exactly interested in rushing through ‘places of interest’ but I wanted to actually be amongst the nature and not look at it through the window of a car .So, we actually made several stops at any point that caught our interest and not only at the viewpoints listed in a tourist guide.Heck, we stopped to click pics of anything that we wanted to have a memento of . If we could actually bring some mementos home,we did that too-pine cones , fallen branches of pine trees , leaves with intriguing patterns and even some lichen from the bark of a fallen tree . I wanted to walk along the trails and the hairpin bends – me and my sister managed to actually take walks  despite  our short stay thoroughly enjoying every minute of it   and soaking in the beauty of the towering trees and the flowers in the shrubs  that stretched before us . A  Walk I Remember…

I couldn’t explain that feeling of  realizing that this trip too will become a memory then . So, for a change , I decided to actually take in the surroundings instead of just capturing them on photographs . I was aware that once we start clicking pics we focus on getting the perfect shot and forget about living the moment . Today, I found a word  from Koenig’s dictionary that describes that feeling perfectly

              Dés vu-the awareness that this (moment) will become a memory

How many times have we told ourselves that ” This too shall pass ” when we are going through tough times just to keep ourselves motivated? But have we ever thought about everyday moments in the same way? They might be part of  our daily routine or even if it is for a span of few months,those little moments are just what they are-little moments only.We realize that they were big things only when they become memories.Live the moment has yet another in-fad phrase which we use without an idea of the depth of meaning it conveys.Only when we fully understand ” living the moment” , I think we will appreciate the moments however insignificant it might seem in today’s hectic lifestyle .  Take a look at Koenig’s eloquence of language when he describes the feeling perfectly when he says

You were born on a moving train.
And even though it feels like you’re standing still,
time is sweeping past you ,right where you sit.
But once in a while when you look up,
and actually feel the inertia,
and watch as the present turns into a memory
-as if some future you is already looking back on it.

This quoted lines are just an excerpt . Click here for the  video on YouTube .  Do check out Koenig’s  project for his vivid descriptions of the ” obscure ” emotions . They wouldn’t seem  obscure after listening to Koenig ‘s vivid descriptions and equally moving visuals and background score . The attention that has been given every little detail in the videos  is commendable .

Until I hit the publish button for the next post then .

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